For just one precise and precious moment, seventy days before it was too late, before the world inexorably, ineluctably, inescapably changed for the next 704 million years… (more) 

Tommy’s Fame is as true a story as can be told or known about a time when nothing known was ever told. (more)

Grammy Award winner and Martial Arts Hall of Famer Jerry Bell approached me needing a script to go with his panoply of characters and themes — and I couldn't resist:  martial arts, high-tech weapons, ancient hatreds, political intrigue and lots-a-ass-kickin'.  Fun stuff! (more)

Reality TV, at bottom — which is where we’re racing to — the difference between these schadenfreude gawkfests and the Roman Coliseum's Sunday afternoon Lions v. Christians bloodbaths is…  Get right down to it?  Precious little.  Decency's last shreds?  Long gone.  C'mon, relax, enjoy.  Blood, bombing?  It's on TV!  How real can it be?  (more)