Working Title: From a Bastion to A Bankrupt: Newspapering, Moneymen and Public Discourse


In collaboration with the former General Counsel of the third largest news and entertainment media conglomerate, an interview-based insider’s look-see into how the largest tax dodge in history began the slide to the largest media bankruptcy in history…


From the Preface “Debt is a Self-Inflicted Wound”


Newspapers are dying?  The Chinese buy more than twice as many newspapers every day than Americans buy; the Indians buy a bit more than the Chinese; tiny, Internet-savvy Japan (third in world rank for Internet users) with a mere tenth the population of either China or India, publishes the world’s top five newspapers; the top ten Japanese daily newspapers combined sell more copies every day than all 1,400 American daily titles put together…Newspapers thrive all across the globe—except in America, where they are not dying:  They are being killed.


…If we don’t identify the killers, their means and motives, then our daily newspapers—the

prime fount that has nourished our Public Discourse for centuries—will cease to exist.  If we can believe our eyes, the Pew Project for Excellence in Journalism’s body count (reporters and editors lost since 2000) tells us that 15,000 empty desks litter America’s newsrooms.  What does that mean for us—and why?


Allow me to offer some thumbnail arithmetic.  Let’s use the New York Times average reporter’s speed:  90 stories per year.  Let’s say only two-thirds of those lost were workaday reporters (10,000 reporters x 90 unwritten stories).  This adds up to almost a million stories every year that will go written…


This book will lay out the story in the words of the men and women who were there—inside and upstairs.  Also, a vast public record, largely abandoned by the major media, demands a critical analysis.  Why does what went wrong matter?


Newspapers are not dying a natural death.  Newspapers are being strangled by moneymen.  The Public Discourse is the true victim. This can be proved and the true cause of these murders can be revealed and understood…


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